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  • “Our previous auth provider had a great product but they did not give a f**k about early stage scale ups. Kinde have been amazing and the whole team are f**king legends”
    David Press Co-founder and Head of Technology at RiskTalk
  • “Painless to understand and set up which is an absolute blessing”
    Alex Gabites Senior Software Engineer at Uncommon Purpose
  • “Loving Kinde btw, it's so easy to setup! I know it's hard to make auth easy and you have!”
    Paul Tuckey

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  • One-to-one guidance from our team

    Our team is here to help you get going. We’ll provide hands-on help from your very first question through to your first customer sign up. They’re available by chat, Slack, and Meet. Whatever works for you.

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    It takes a village to build a company. Our Discord and Slack communities are great places for you to connect with, and get support, from a village of other founders. It’s a place designed for people just like you.

  • Specialised support from an expert

    With just a few clicks from our website, new founders can reach our expert partners. They’re hand picked specialists who can help you build your product and get to market faster. They’re currently available globally with expertise in almost every development language.

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