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Kinde’s authentication was entrusted for the launch of a forefront consumer AI application in June 2023. The startup utilizes the new technology to account for the needs of a relatively underserved market.

The decision to use Kinde focused on a few core factors:

  • Ease of implementation using Javascript and React SDKs
  • Stability of application when dealing with large user numbers and unexpected spikes in usage
  • Strength of free tier (which very soon became irrelevant)
  • Low costs at scale compared to competitors

The founder launched the consumer AI tool to a niche community on Reddit. They appeared to have found an appropriate market, seeing growth past 10,000 active users within weeks of launching, and incredible early customer feedback.

Over the coming months, the application continued to grow. The founder and early team utilized their passionate group of early adopters to improve their models and the service offered.


200,000 monthly active users (MAU)

270,000 MAU

Over 300,000 MAU

350,000 MAU

In total, we have registered and logged in well over 1 million users on their behalf, at times more than eighty thousand an hour.

Reducing costs

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It was important to the team that their authentication provider remain affordable at scale, while also having the security and stability required to handle so many requests.

In November, the client’s Enterprise authentication bill for over 300,000 monthly active users sat at just over $2000. At the same level of monthly active users, competing hosted providers like industry incumbent Auth0 would cost at least $27,000 per month (Min. for enterprise plan with MFA).

The decision to use Kinde is now saving the consumer AI application between $3,000 and $25,000 per month on their auth bill, at least a 60% reduction.

They continue to build at an incredible rate, and we look forward to helping them cross the 10 million registered user mark sometime in 2024.

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