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Billing without building it yourself

Start monetizing your ideas with game-changing recurring subscription billing tools. Combine everything you love about Kinde auth and feature flags, with the most powerful plans, pricing and provisioning platform you’ve ever seen. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Coming 2024

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Plan building built for SaaS

We created our billing feature with the unique needs of SaaS businesses in mind, that’s why we put plans and subscriptions first. Bundle entitlements to provision and charge users in a way that works best for your business.

Kinde UI showing advanced plan building and management Kinde UI showing advanced plan building and management
Plan groups
Add billing to customer use cases
Entitlements and pricing
Manage everything in one place — from plan to provisioning
Advanced plan building and management

Powerful provisioning

The work doesn’t end once payment is taken. That’s just the beginning. Kinde integrates deeply with your product stack, helping you do the work of setting up the business and accounts associated with subscriptions.

Kinde UI showing plan flags
Flexible plan flags help you control access and allocation


Control how your customers access parts of the product once they subscribe. Entitlements help you easily set and adjust usage limits and feature allocation on the fly in seconds. With no additional code needed.

Kinde UI showing integrating webhooks
Webhooks integrate back to your product

Webhooks and APIs

Set up webhooks or connect with Kinde’s own API to make sure your product is always in sync and can respond to changes made to customer plans and subscriptions. Every time something happens in Kinde, make sure you know about it.

Stripe on steroids

Integrate in seconds with one of the most trusted payment processing platforms in the world.

Connect Stripe plans
Data is shared between Kinde and Stripe
Connect your Stripe instance with Kinde

Kinde adds subscription billing capabilities onto your existing Stripe instance. You get all the benefits of Stripe’s powerful management, payment processing and taxation engine, with all of the flexible control and purpose built subscription billing power of Kinde. In one place.

A single integration that just works

Killer plan management

Combine multiple Stripe products and prices into single plans for profoundly powerful and simple buyer experiences.

Access management

Augment Stripe with entitlements to feature gate your product and automatically control what each customer sees at a granular level.

Auth and billing combined

Get a single view of your users from the moment they log in. Including auth, feature flags and subscription details.

Dollah, dollah bills. Pesos, Yen, and Pounds too.

Price your product based on how your business works, using any combination of measures, recurrence, currencies, and rates that make sense for your customers and ensures long-term business success.

A currency picker from the Kinde UI
Set currency to match your local currency

Any currency

Sell in the local currency to maximize conversions. Kinde currently supports currencies for over 130 countries.

Example of checkout screen on a iPhone where a customer can select a subscription plan
Billing cadence to suit your customers

Any recurrence

Bill in advance or arrears, calendar or anniversary, weekly, monthly, annually, or whatever works for you.

Example of the Kinde UI showing volume based pricing summary
Volume based pricing

Any cost base

Build plans that combine pricing types, so you can charge a flat price, combine with tiered or fixed, and usage based charges.

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