Connected apps

Super connected experiences

Offload machine-to-machine token management with third-party applications and set up direct trust relationships between Kinde, your application and third parties.

Behind the scenes magic

Users need access to data and systems from within your product. Connected apps allow your users to authenticate and maintain third-party machine-to-machine connections so that your product can share data and content seamlessly behind the scenes.

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Seamless end-to-end workflow

All of the complexity of authenticating with third-party systems is invisible to users. They have a login with your business, and can authorize connected apps when you need them to provide additional access – at whatever point you control.

The power of connection

Perpetual token management

Kinde’s M2M token management is able to hold connections in perpetuity, continually speaking to your third-party application and maintaining the right for your application to commit actions.

Maintained security

Kinde’s secure authentication platform maintains the secure storage and transfer of highly sensitive refresh tokens between the two applications in order to ensure that the connection remains secure.

Separation of concerns

With Kinde’s connected apps, your login stays your login. The process for establishing a machine to machine connection is separated from your Social SSO so that the verification for this process can be done independantly, and only when you need it.

Trust without limits

Introducing any type of third party connected experience is a risk that your team needs to think about and manage. With connected apps you can effectively offload the pain and security concerns, so that your team can worry about more important things.

  • Save time and effort

    Don’t waste time building and maintaining the complex relationships between your application and third parties. Connected apps takes all of the hard work out and creates secure, protected connections that your product can use.

  • Managed security

    Kinde manages the secure connection between your application and third parties so that you don’t have to. Protecting the process of maintaining and securely storing highly sensitive refresh tokens. One less thing to worry about.

  • A seamless experience

    Your users shouldn’t have to think about connecting with third parties. Kinde makes it effortless for them to create and authenticate the connection and never have to think about it again.

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