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Beautiful, powerful authentication loved by 40,000 developers around the world.

The world’s most powerful authentication

Everything to scale anything

  • Organizations

    Adapt to any multi-tenancy structure with organizations. From basic businesses to sophisticated enterprises with advanced B2B needs.

  • Regions

    Choose a data region to store customer and business information, and be compliant wherever you are – United States, Europe, Australia, or the UK.

  • Environments

    Kinde environments enforce a strict layer of protection and isolation between development and production code.

  • Enterprise SSO

    Handle authentication for your most complex customers – with enterprise connections and security to match.

  • Translations

    Authenticate in the language your customers use. With 29+ languages (including right-to-left, and eastern naming order)

  • SAML

    Support your biggest customers and take control of user authorization the way you want, with custom SAML.

  • MS Entra ID (Azure AD)

    Full enterprise support for Microsoft Entra ID (WS Federated and OpenID) as an enterprise-level auth method.

  • Email and app MFA

    Require additional identity verification using a second device, or email and time-based one-time passcodes.

  • SMS multi-factor authentication

    An extra layer of protection by requiring identity verification using SMS and time-based one-time passcodes.

  • Custom domains

    Bring your own domains and include your brand across every part of the auth experience for your users.

  • Audit logs

    Understand your user behaviour with activity logs for individual end users and across organizations.

  • Roles and permissions

    Handle complicated permissions mapping to match business processes using role based access control (RBAC).

  • User management

    Manage users with finely tuned access controls. Deliver secure, personalized experiences – at scale.

  • Import / export user data

    Experience powerful and intelligent data migration tools to make moving your business to Kinde easy.

  • Kinde admin

    Kinde’s powerful back-office portal is all you need to set up and manage your technical and business vision.

  • Customize terms and conditions

    Add your own legal policies and terms for users to view and agree to when they sign up.

  • Connected apps

    Give your users direct trust relationships between Kinde, your application and third parties services.

  • Feature flags

    Increase the speed that your team deploys, learns, and releases with feature-based continuous deployment.

  • Advanced organization features

    Use powerful organization-level controls to uniquely manage access, custom domains, and authentication for business customers.

  • Unlimited team members

    Grow your team without ever worrying about the cost of scaling. We don’t charge for seats.

  • Webhooks

    Automate system actions and responses using webhooks to capture and trigger events. Integration has never been easier.

  • Passwords

    Ultra-secure password based auth as standard. Easily migrate your existing users and password hashes.

  • Social sign-in

    Allow your users to sign in with their favourite accounts. Google, Apple, Slack, GitHub, and more.

  • Passwordless

    Secure sign-in with just an email address. The benefits of MFA with the security of email.

  • Username auth

    Give users the choice to sign up and sign-in to your app or site with username as their primary identity.

  • Phone auth

    Enable auth for mobile devices, and let users access your business with a click and a one-time code sent to their phone.

  • Custom API scopes

    Keep API functions secure by adding custom scopes to your application tokens, giving you a reliable way to manage API resources.

  • Custom claims via properties

    Manage and exchange your data to suit your business needs. Define organization and user properties, and pass data encrypted in tokens.

  • Custom sign up pages

    Bring your own sign up and sign in pages to Kinde’s secure auth experience. Manage your users’ first experience of your product.

  • Unlimited users per org

    Scale and manage users in sync with your customer and business growth. Never hit a limit - keep scaling.

  • Remove Kinde branding

    Show off your brand is front and center. Remove the ‘Powered by Kinde’ branding on Kinde’s authentication pages.

  • Require policy acceptance

    Ask users to agree to your terms, conditions, and policies, before they sign up with you.

  • Lead gen and subscription forms

    Collect and manage contacts so you can send personalized and relevant content to the people who love your business.

Included features vary between plan levels

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