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Heidi Health

Saving time

Helping Clinicians with Heidi Health

Heidi Health spent 45 days building high-quality authentication in-house.

The realization that every addition or change would take weeks of engineering time prompted them to move to a hosted solution.

After selecting Kinde, they were set up in just a couple of days.

An AI note-taking application for clinicians, Heidi Health is improving patient outcomes by making practitioners more efficient.

Screenshot of Heidi Health’s website hero

Just months after launch they’ve grown to hundreds of customers and announced a USD$6.4 million Series A led by Blackbird Ventures.

Blackbird is one of Kinde’s primary investors, so when Heidi went looking for an authentication provider, they naturally found themselves talking to the Kinde team.

Heidi Health co-founder and CTO Yu Liu referenced the impressive user interface, competitive pricing, and fast support as the core factors that led to their switch.

The integration process was “really quick,” taking 1-2 engineering days using the Next.js Pages Router SDK, according to Yu.

Waleed Mussa, Dr. Tom Kelly and Yu Lui, the Heidi Health founders.
Waleed Mussa, Dr. Tom Kelly and Yu Lui, the Heidi Health founders.

In the future, Yu and the Heidi Health team want to take more control of their onboarding process with headless authentication, slated to be out in Q2, ‘24.

The team is also excited about billing, and using the organization functionality for their customers using multiple seats.

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