Improving access to general healthcare with HealthNow

HealthNow is a newly launched startup in New Zealand that provides employer-driven equitable healthcare. Employees are encouraged to access services previously beyond their financial means, making for a healthier, happier team.

Just a month after their public launch, they count companies like CMC Markets, Acrow Ltd, Wise Group, and Mackleys among their customers.

The team was interested in a third-party authentication provider for the simplicity and time-saving associated.

Software Architect Felix cited it being “advisable to not implement (your own) authentication”.

After finding Kinde, they compared it against other providers. Ultimately it was cost-effectiveness and the feature flags offering that led them to implement.

A future product concept involving enterprise connections caused their divergence from competitors like Auth0 and Okta, which were “unreasonable” in their pricing.

The Kinde integration process took one engineer less than a day.


— Felix V. on using Kinde’s React SDK

Felix mentioned the team is very happy with Kinde as a product, in particular the access to the feature flags, and fast feature development.

They’re excited to make use of custom claims in the future.

HealthNow has rocketed to thousands of active users in just a couple of months.

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