How do you pronounce Kinde?

By Oliver Wolff — Published

Kind? Kinder? Kindle? We’re always asked about the right way to say it.

It’s pronounced Kind

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Well, “kaɪnd” actually, if you want to be accurate

Kinde is all about nurturing an abundance of founders, with one of our core values being to “create a bigger pie”. We believe a world with more founders is a better world. They are the magic-makers, improving our lives, our livelihoods, and shaping the future of humanity. We think that’s pretty sweet!

Who we aren’t

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We are not Kindle or Kinder. But, you know what’s funny? ‘Kinder’ is associated with ‘baby’ or ‘child’ in several languages. And we’re all about helping founders nurture their startup babies. This fits well with our value of “stay foolish”, reminding us to embrace naivety and enjoy the journey of growing Kinde.

Image with a quote from a comment in Hacker News saying: “Isn’t the name too similar to Kindle? I thought it was some software for Kindle”
A comment on Hacker News

We are a company of misfits, we relish in quirkiness, we think differently. And that is why Kinde is the perfect name for us.