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Online URL encoder and decoder

Use this tool for encoding or decoding URL query parameters. It's compatible with the format used in POST data from web forms, allowing you to encode or decode such data as needed.

What is URL encoding and decoding?

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URL encoding is a process essential for transmitting data over the internet, converting characters into a web-friendly format using percent encoding. It transforms reserved, unprintable, or non-ASCII characters into ASCII alphanumeric characters and symbols like hyphen, underscore, tilde, and dot. Characters are converted into bytes, each byte is then represented by two hexadecimal digits preceded by a percent sign (%).

How to encode URLs

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Our tool simplifies URL encoding. Input any URL, and it converts reserved or non-ASCII characters to bytes, represented in hexadecimal form preceded by a percent sign. For example, the @ character is converted to %40.

URL decoding reverses the encoding process. The decoder interprets percent-encoded strings, converting hexadecimal byte representations back into ASCII characters. For instance, %40 decodes back to @.

Programming language support

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Various programming languages support URL decoding through functions like JavaScript’s decodeURIComponent(), PHP’s rawurldecode(), Python’s urllib.parse.unquote(), and Java’s

Why URL encoding matters

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URL encoding ensures data integrity and readability in web communication. It’s vital for HTML form submissions and in the broader scope of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs). It helps distinguish between reserved characters used in their literal sense and those with special meanings, like the forward slash (/) in URLs.

Security considerations

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Always validate and sanitize inputs, whether URL-encoded or not, to avoid security risks like injection attacks.

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