Mobile and web development, Design, Hardware & PCB development, ASO

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We are a software engineering agency that helps businesses grow. Our first priority is creating a robust product development cycle for our clients.

We’ll help you get to the next step of the product lifecycle. Our team can validate your ideas, develop an MVP, gather feedback and launch an MLP.

  • Deep diving into your idea and understanding of product cycle steps
  • Scope refinement and consultation on ways to save you money
  • Project setup, reports, and WIP demo-builds
  • Quick replies, we’re always on the line
  • Taking care of ASO and checking traction in digital channels

Our team is comfortable with both well-established and emerging technologies. For example, some of our last projects explore the most trending areas: AR, NFT, and Blockchain.

Full list of areas of our expertise:

  • NFT | Blockchain
  • AR | VR
  • BLE | PCB
  • Healthcare
  • Social Media & Dating
  • Streaming
  • Fitness


  • iOS development (Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Swift UI, Metal, BLE, ARKit, Vision, web3.swift)
  • Android development (Java, Kotlin, Moxy, Clean, MLKit, ARCore, BLE)
  • IoT (Bluetooth, BLE, MQTT, Nordic Semiconductors, Dialog Semiconductors, and Texas Instruments microprocessors)
  • Web Back end development (python, django, DRF, flask, aiohttp, nodejs, Express, GraphQL, Puppeteer, Elasticsearch, pytorch, pandas)
  • Web Front end development (React, Redux, ES6, webpack, WebGL, WebAR, scss, jss, Canvas, HTML 5 Media API, WebSockets)
  • Blockchain (smart contracts, nft, minting, wallet, metamask)
  • Database and storage (MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, InfluxDB, redis, Varnish Cache, memcahed)
  • Devops (docker, ansible, gitlab ci, nginx, traefik)