Software development company focused on providing enterprises with custom integrations, application development, cloud migrations, and software upgrades.

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Flying Donkeys builds great SaaS Products! πŸ”¨πŸš€

How do we know this? Because we build them every day! ⚑️

πŸš‘ One client came to us as a failing Fintech startup. After reworking the architecture, and delivering it to production, they are being courted for an acquisition πŸ’°

🚴 A global accounting SaaS player works with us to accelerate their development roadmap. We currently execute deliverables on over 6 of their products, driving them to a cloud-native status ☁️

πŸ” SaaS platforms come to us to comply with their security requirements using threat modelling and security first development.

We are assisting them in the following areas:

πŸ“Œ SaaS Product Development (Fintech / Proptech / Insurtech / Wealthtech / Regtech / LegalTech / Medtech and beyond! πŸ’‘) πŸ“Œ Mobile Apps πŸ“Œ Integrations πŸ“Œ Managed Service Provider πŸ“Œ Security Reviews & Audits πŸ“Œ DevOps

We deliver these results by BEING their technology department or working ALONGSIDE their tech department to accelerate their projects and fill skill gaps! πŸ†

If you are a funded startup or an enterprise SaaS platform that wants the world’s best, most secure, and cloud-hosted SaaS product in your niche, we are your team! πŸ¦„