Software development, outsourcing, smart outstaffing and IT consulting.

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There are 2 basic approaches that we practice, outsourcing (when we develop projects from scratch) and smart outstaffing (when we provide our partners with offshore resources and not just that. We elaborated our own Smart Outstaffing Automation Paradigm is an approach for IT service companies that delivers unprecedented levels of performance to key processes. Its main distinguishing features are the maximum automation of processes using a set of software products, as well as the full involvement of the provider company in the business of its client, not limited to software development. Smart outstaffing is like smart money, but outstaffing. This means that the provider will provide the client not only with its specialists or working hours, but also with access to its many years of experience in product development, investment attraction, process building and much more. Over the years, that idea grew into procedures, case studies, and software solutions until it became a fully understandable and ready-to-use framework that proved to be twice as effective as other approaches used in the software development service industry. We help startups and small enterprises companies to establish their internal processes following best practices. We have hundreds of startup projects in portfolio with various levels of success, we were there and we enough expertise to consult. We help bigger enterprises to onboard new resources really fast, sometimes within days.