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Everything you need to get started with 10,500 free MAU. No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.

Monthly active users (MAU)

Up to 10,500 included

Monthly active organizations (MA0)

Up to 3 included

Enterprise connections

Up to 3 included

Machine to machine tokens (M2M)

Up to 2,000 included


1 production and 1 non-production included


Advanced features to help you scale any business without limits.

$25 USD per month
How this is calculated

Base price $25 USD

Monthly active users (MAU) $0

10,500 included · $0.0175 USD per additional user

Monthly active organizations (MAO) $0

50 included · $0.50 USD per additional org

Enterprise connections $0

5 included · $10 USD per additional connection

Machine to machine tokens (M2M) $0

5,000 included · $0.001 USD per additional token

Environments $0

5 included · $5 USD per additional environment


For teams with more complex needs requiring the highest levels of support.

Custom pricing

Discounts for high volume businesses

Volume discounts on MAU, organizations, enterprise connections and M2M connections

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What you get

Tools built to scale with the most demanding teams in the world

Pricing designed for scale

When it comes to what you pay, we believe that software pricing should be transparent and based around scalable value. On our Enterprise plan you pay less per unit as you grow – not more. Let our team tailor a plan that works for your needs.

Team seats are free on every plan. On an Enterprise plan, you get unlimited dev, test, and production environments as you need them. Scale infinitely.

High touch support at every stage

Enterprise only
Our engineers work with your team to help you move

Onboarding engineer service

Built-in migration tools to smooth your move to Kinde – making it easy to transfer data between platforms.

Enterprise customers can save valuable engineering time with fully supported migration. Our onboarding engineers work with your team as you move your business onto Kinde.

Pro and Enterprise
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Legendary support

Our team is here to help you succeed no matter what your stage. With email and chat support included with every plan, as well as full access to our growing community of developers who love Kinde.

As you grow, Pro and Enterprise both include priority support. Our dedicated team will work with you to make sure you are fully supported and can scale with confidence. Keeping your business running smoothly is our highest priority.

Enterprise comes with custom SLAs for the most high volume and demanding businesses.

Trusted by over 10,000 developers, including teams at

  • “Our previous auth provider had a great product but they did not give a f**k about early stage scale ups. Kinde have been amazing and the whole team are f**king legends”
    David Press Co-founder and Head of Technology at RiskTalk
  • “Painless to understand and set up which is an absolute blessing”
    Alex Gabites Senior Software Engineer at Uncommon Purpose
  • “Loving Kinde btw, it's so easy to setup! I know it's hard to make auth easy and you have!”
    Paul Tuckey

The highest levels of compliance

We take data security incredibly seriously. We want you to trust us and our systems, which is why we’ve sought external certification to ensure our technology infrastructure and your data is kept secure.

ISO 27001

Kinde holds a certificate of registration for ISO 27001 and maintains an information security management system (ISMS) with a dedicated internal security team.


Kinde has completed a Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) from the Cloud Security Alliance and submitted to their public STAR registry as a Level 1 self-assessment.


Kinde is HIPAA compliant and supports our customers as a Business Associate. For Enterprise customers, our team can ensure a Business Associate Agreement is in place before work begins.

Learn more about our compliance certifications

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a US federal law on how to protect sensitive health information, known as Protected Health Information (PHI), which led to the creation of the Privacy Rule and Security Rule. It has since been updated with additional rules and supplemented by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009.

The world’s most powerful authentication

Everything to scale anything

  • Passwords

    Ultra-secure password based auth as standard. Easily migrate your existing users and password hashes.

  • Social sign-in

    Allow your users to sign in with their favourite accounts. Google, Apple, Slack, GitHub, and more.

  • Passwordless

    Secure sign-in with just an email address. The benefits of MFA with the security of email.

  • Azure Active Directory

    Tailor your enterprise connections as you need – with support for multiple connections and organization discovery.

  • SAML

    Support your biggest customers and take control of user authorization the way you want, with custom SAML.

  • SMS multi-factor authentication

    An extra layer of protection by requiring identity verification using SMS and time-based one-time passcodes.

    Pro and Enterprise
  • Email and app MFA

    Require additional identity verification using a second device, or email and time-based one-time passcodes.

  • Custom domains

    Bring your own domains and include your brand across every part of the auth experience for your users.

  • Customize terms and conditions

    Add your own legal policies and terms for users to view and agree to when they sign up.

  • Remove Kinde branding

    Show off your brand is front and center. Remove the ‘Powered by Kinde’ branding on Kinde’s authentication pages.

    Pro and Enterprise
  • Require policy acceptance

    Ask users to agree to your terms, conditions, and policies, before they sign up with you.

    Pro and Enterprise
  • Connected apps

    Give your users direct trust relationships between Kinde, your application and third parties services.

  • View and manage users

    Manage users with insight and confidence, and deliver personalized access and experiences – at scale.

  • Unlimited roles and permissions

    Handle complicated permissions mapping to match business processes using role based access control (RBAC).

    Pro and Enterprise
  • Import / export user data

    Experience powerful and intelligent data migration tools to make moving your business to Kinde easy.

  • Activity history

    Understand your user behaviour with activity logs for individual end users and across organizations.

  • Unlimited users per org

    Scale without limits and enjoy infinite users in each of your organizations. Scale in sync with customers growth.

  • Lead gen and subscription forms

    Collect and manage contacts so you can send personalized and relevant content to the people who love your business.

  • Unlimited team members

    Grow your team without ever worrying about the cost of scaling. We don’t charge for seats.

  • Custom team roles

    Customize your team’s roles so that you can make sure the right people see the right things.

    Pro and Enterprise
  • Kinde admin

    Kinde’s powerful back-office portal is all you need to set up and manage your technical and business vision.

  • Regions

    Choose the region where Kinde stores your customer and business information. Meet data-compliance wherever you are.

  • Feature flags

    Increase the speed that your team deploys, learns, and releases with feature-based continuous deployment.

  • Environments

    Kinde environments enforce a strict layer of protection and isolation between development and production code.

Loved by development teams Kinde is built by developers, for developers. With libraries, SDKs, and APIs to match your stack. Your team is going to love it.

Backed by the world’s best investors and advisors

Kinde was built from the ground up to be a world changing company. We have support from some of the most formidable investors and advisors to help us achieve this vision. Welcome to the family.

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