Our commitment to fairness in auth

Something happened in auth. When we started Kinde 2 years ago, auth seemed fair and people loved their providers – even the legacy enterprise ones. Today people are desperate for change. We know because they’re moving to Kinde.

When people come to us because their bill has been increased by anywhere from 200% to 2,000%, that doesn’t feel like their auth providers are doing the right thing by them. And the poor and impersonal service people receive, combined with their data being held hostage when they try to move, feels truly unfair.

We fully understand a justifiable price increase every now and then. The best businesses have to grow to continue being able to provide a great service to their customers. But it feels like things have gotten out of hand.

The first job of any auth company is to protect its customers – before anything else. When companies make changes like this, it puts their customers at risk.

Somewhere along the way it feels like a lot of auth providers lost sight of the thing that matters: You, their customers.

Our commitment

We believe that pricing should always be fair, transparent and a reflection of value.

We believe that our customers have the right to legendary support. After all - you have trusted us with your businesses.

We also believe that data should never be held hostage. It’s your data – you should be able to move it when you choose.

We’ll also welcome you into our community. A place to meet and engage with other businesses building on Kinde.

More details are available at kinde.com/migrate.

We believe that your business should have the opportunity to thrive (in partnership with your auth provider, not despite them). These steps are just the beginning of the work that we’re doing to help.

Welcome to the Kinde community.

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Co-founder and CEO, Kinde