Take control of user authorization and access with enterprise SSO

Support your biggest customers as quickly as possible with Azure AD.

Kinde UI showing the Microsoft Azure AD option enabled

Custom SAML

Integrate any SAML identity provider with Kinde. Users only need to sign in one time to access multiple service providers. Super secure auth with enterprise scale built in.

Flexible and configurable

Tailor your enterprise connections as you need — with support for multiple connections.

Seamless sign-in

Integrating home-realm discovery so that users always land in the right sign-in space.

The value your customers want

  • Reduce manual tasks

    Easily onboard and off-board team members without needing to update access for every single app.

  • Centralized control and visibility

    Authorize what your users’ access — including automatic user provisioning and de-provisioning.

  • Scaleability

    Support all the objects and applications you need within a single domain.

Integrate Kinde — fast

We’ve made getting set up with Kinde fast and easy. Use an SDK or API to quickly integrate Kinde into your product.

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