Run multiple businesses

You can run multiple businesses on Kinde. This is helpful if you want to create different businesses with different user groups. For instance if you are a founder working on multiple applications. Organizations, users, branding, and activity are all managed separately.

Add a new business

  1. In the Businesses menu at the top of the page, choose View all businesses.
  2. Select Add business.
  3. Complete the form, including your preferred Kinde domain.
  4. Select a Region. This is where your data is stored on Kinde (See more information below).
  5. Select Save.

Switch between businesses

  1. In the Business dropdown at the top of the page, choose View all businesses. A page with all your businesses opens.
  2. Select the business you want to work on.

About data regions

Regions let you control where you store data for your customers to help meet your regulatory requirements.

Currently, we support these regions (with more to follow):

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Oregon, USA

Contact us at if you have any questions about how your data is stored. You can also read our privacy policy.

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