Work with environments

Kinde allows you to run multiple environments to support your software development cycle. By default, Kinde comes with a production environment, but you can create other environments, such as staging, testing, beta, etc. to meet your team’s needs.

You can see the environment at the top of every page when signed in.

Take care using multiple environments

Unless you are a developer, we recommend you stay in the production environment for viewing your Kinde account.

For developers who want to test new user configurations or make other changes, do this in a testing or staging environment first, before replicating in the production environment.

View and manage environments

Select View all environments from the Environment menu. The Environments page opens showing your current and other environments.

Add an environment

On the Environments page, select Add environment. Enter a name and code for the environment, then select Save.

Switch between environments

On the Environments page, switch to an environment by selecting Switch to this environment.

Edit environments

On the Environments page, select the three dots (…) in the top right corner of the environment you want to edit. Make your changes and select Save.

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