Require users to accept policies at sign up

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When a user signs up to your app, site, or platform via Kinde, their acceptance of product terms and privacy policy is implied (see the left image).

However, some businesses want to record explicit acceptance and track who has accepted, this is also known as a clickwrap agreement, click-accept, click-to-sign, or clickthrough agreement (see the right image).

Switch on explicit acceptance of policies

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When you switch on explicit acceptance, it is set at the business level and will apply to all environments and organizations in your business.

  1. Go to Settings > Business details.
  2. Check that the Terms of use URL and Privacy policy URL are correct. You will have probably added these when you set up authentication.
  3. In the Global display settings section, switch on the Show a policy acceptance checkbox on sign up toggle.

The next time a new user signs up, they will be prompted to select the acceptance checkbox before they are allowed to sign up to your service.

Check if a user has accepted

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You can see in a user’s profile when they accepted the policies, terms and conditions.

  1. In Kinde, go to Users.

  2. Filter the list and select the user you want to view.

  3. In the Activity section for the user, the dates of acceptance are shown in the Log list, with Terms of use accepted on and Privacy policy accepted on shown in the description.

    These are shown as a log activity because when one of the policies is updated and new acceptance is recorded, the accepted date will also change.

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