About managing users

User management is about managing user records, and controlling what users can do and access within your product. You can set this up to be simple or complex, depending on your company’s needs.

Options for adding users

You can add users manually or import them from a CSV file. If you are transferring user details from another service, such as Auth0, you need to obtain the details from the service before you can import.

Permissions and roles

Permissions and roles are defined at the ‘Business’ level in your Kinde account - which is the global level; but they are applied per user at an ‘organization’ level. This means you just have to create them once and they are made available across your whole business structure.

Kinde provides the ability to set individual permissions at a user level, and to create roles (sets of permissions) for easier user management.

A user can be assigned multiple roles, and assigned permissions on top of these. We recommend you work out a model for managing this, starting with basic permissions.

While everyone’s needs are different, we recommend you write your code based on permissions, not roles, as it gives you more control and will scale better when you are managing a lot of users.

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