Enabling sign-in/up with Slack

When active, Kinde allows you to sign-in/up using your Slack credentials. To be able to use this, you have to create a Slack app to gain access to the necessary information.

This guide demonstrates how to create a Slack app and add it to Kinde.

Create a Slack app

For reference, we are following some of the steps set out in the Slack documentation.

First off, head over to https://api.slack.com/apps, and log into your workspace, if you’re not already.

Click Create New App, you will then be prompted to select an option on how you would like to create the app. For the purpose of ease, we will choose the “from scratch” version.

Choose a name for your app and select a workspace to develop your app in.

You have now successfully created your app!

Next we need to head to the OAuth & Permissions tab to configure your app.

Once you’re on the page, scroll to the Redirect URLs section and add the url which has been specified in the Slack configuration dialog on the Settings page of the Kinde admin area. Be sure to click Save URLs after.

Now we need to add some scopes so that we can determine what information will be made available when a user registers/logs in using Slack auth. Scroll down to the scopes section and click Add an OAuth Scope under the the User Token Scopes section. In the dropdown, find and select the users.profile:read option.

Almost there! We now need to install the app to your workspace, and then distribute it. First off, scroll back up to the top of the page and click Install to Workspace under the OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace section. When prompted, click allow.

Next, let’s distribute the app to allow all workspaces to install your app. Click on the Manage distribution tab on the left hand side, and scroll to the Share Your App with Other Workspaces section. You’ll notice 3 of the 4 steps have been ticked already, so let’s complete the Remove Hard Coded Information step by clicking on the dropdown toggle. When the dropdown has open you’ll see a checkbox named I’ve reviewed and removed any hard-coded information. Tick this box and then finally click the Activate Public Distribution button.

And that’s it! Your app is now ready to use!

Add credentials to Kinde

Now that we have our Slack Auth App up and running, all we have to do is save the app credentials in Kinde. Head to the Basic Information tab on the left hand side of the screen in your Slack app and scroll down to the App Credentials section. Copy the Client ID & Client Secret values and paste it into the relevant fields in the Slack configuration dialog on the Settings page of the Kinde admin area.

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