Kinde allows you to add authentication to your NextJS application quickly and to gain access to user profile information.

This guide demonstrates how to integrate Kinde with any new or existing NextJS application using the Kinde NextJS SDK.


Using npm:

npm i @kinde-oss/kinde-auth-nextjs

Using yarn:

yarn add @kinde-oss/kinde-auth-nextjs

Getting started

Kinde configuration

On the Kinde web app navigate to Settings -> App keys and find the Callbacks input field.

Here you want to put in the callback URLs for your NextJS app, which should look something like this:

  • Allowed callback URLs - http://localhost:3000/api/auth/kinde_callback
  • Allowed logout redirect URLs - http://localhost:3000

Make sure you press the Save button at the bottom of the page!

Configuring your app

Environment variables

Put these variables in your .env file. You can find these variables on your Kinde Settings -> App keys page.

  • KINDE_SITE_URL - where your app is running
  • KINDE_ISSUER_URL - your kinde domain
  • KINDE_POST_LOGOUT_REDIRECT_URL - where you want users to be redirected to after logging out. Make sure this URL is under your allowed logout redirect URLs.
  • KINDE_CLIENT_ID - you can find this on the App Keys page
  • KINDE_CLIENT_SECRET - you can find this on the App Keys page

API endpoints

Create a file myapp/pages/api/auth/[...kindeAuth].js inside your NextJS project. Inside the file [...kindeAuth].js put this code:

import {handleAuth} from "@kinde-oss/kinde-auth-nextjs";

export default handleAuth();

This will handle Kinde Auth endpoints in your NextJS app.

  • /api/auth/me - this endpoint will get user information
  • /api/auth/login - will redirect you to login at the KindeAuth server
  • /api/auth/logout - will log you out of the app
  • /api/auth/register - will redirect you to register at the KindeAuth server.

Integrate with your app


Kinde uses a React Context Provider to maintain its internal state in your application.

Import the Kinde Provider component and wrap your application in it.

import {KindeProvider} from "@kinde-oss/kinde-auth-nextjs";

function MyApp({Component, pageProps}) {
    return (
            <Component {...pageProps} />

export default MyApp;

Getting user information

To access the user information, use the useKindeAuth hook from any part of your app, wrapped by your KindeProvider.

import {useKindeAuth} from "@kinde-oss/kinde-auth-nextjs";
import Link from "next/link";

export default function Home() {
    const auth = useKindeAuth();

    return (
                <Link href="/api/auth/me">
                    <a>Get user</a>
                <Link href="/api/auth/login">
                    <a>Sign in</a>
                <Link href="/api/auth/logout">
                    <a>Sign out</a>
                <Link href="/api/auth/register">
                    <a>Sign up</a>

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