Quick Start Guide

In a few short steps get setup with Kinde.

We estimate it to take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, if you find it does, record a video of yourself following step by step and send it through to support@kinde.com and if we see that it has taken you longer, we will send you a Kinde t-shirt.

  1. Setup your Kinde account

    Go to app.kinde.com/register to register your account.

  2. Connect the App

    Download one of our Starter Kits from Github in your preferred language/framework:

    Any additional lanaguage specific setup steps live in the README.md file of each Starter kit.

    A .env_sample file has been provided for you in each Starter Kit. Make a copy of this file and rename it to .env.

    In your Kinde account, head to Environments Settings >> App Keys and use the values found there to update the following in your new .env file.

    • Client ID
    • Client secret
    • Token host (also known as Base issuer url)

    The Starter Kit will provide you with Allowed callback URLs and Allowed logout redirect URLs to enter on this page.

    Now load up the starter kit app on your local machine.

  3. Register your first user

    Open the starter kit in the browser by visiting http://localhost:3000 and click on “Sign up”.

    By default the sign up page will be using Passwordless login (see article), so just enter your own email address to get the login code sent to your inbox. Plug that into the box and then you will be logged into the Starter Kit.

    Now head over to your Kinde account and then to the Users section to see your first sign up!

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