Connect Zapier to Kinde

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You can now create a zap in Zapier that notifies you when an event occurs in Kinde, such as a new user sign up.

Sign up event triggers

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We are working to expand the types of events triggers. For now, you can subscribe to:

  • New user registration
  • New organization registration

Set up in Zapier

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You can create up to 100 zaps connected to Kinde. If you need more, contact us.

  1. In Zapier, create a zap.
  2. Select Kinde as the trigger, then select which events to subscribe to.
  3. In the Choose account step, select your Kinde account.
  4. Proceed through the authentication steps and give access to your Kinde environment.
  5. Test the trigger to verify the connection.
  6. Finish creating the zap by selecting the action. This might be to create a Slack notification.
  7. Select Continue and test the action.

Zapier will automatically unsubscribe from Kinde notifications when a zap is turned off. You can also view and manually manage these in Kinde, see below.

View and delete Zapier events in Kinde

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We recommend that you unsubscribe URLs from events at the application end, for example, by deleting your zap, rather than through Kinde. Although you can if you want, here’s how.

  1. Go to Settings > Environment > Zapier. A list of all your event hooks is shown.
  2. Select Edit on the event hook you want to view.
  3. You can choose to delete individual subscribed URLs by:
    1. Clicking Delete next to them.
    2. Confirm deletion to complete the action.
    3. Disable subscribed all URLs by toggling the Active switch off.
  4. Select Save. A confirmation dialog appears.
  5. Confirm deletion to complete the action.
  6. If you want to re-subscribe to the event in future, say by creating a new zap, you will need to make the event in Kinde Active first.

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