Kinde and edge worker services

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Kinde works with edge worker services and providers. We have tested the following:

You will need to follow the edge worker service instructions linked above, to get things running. Here’s an example of how we set up Cloudflare Workers.

Example Cloudflare Workers integration

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  1. Set up a Cloudflare account.

  2. Install Wrangler. This is Cloudflare’s CLI.

    brew install wrangler
  3. Run the Wrangler login to authenticate into your Cloudflare account:

    wrangler login
  4. Create a repository to install dependencies using the below command. During this process, answer any questions best suited to your app:

    wrangler init
  5. Combine the folder created for Cloudflare + kinde sdk/starter kit.

    1. Sort out any conflicts in the code (including your package.json / package-lock.json files), such as conflicting scripts, commands, dependencies, etc.
    2. Merge into the one file.
  6. Install Kinde dependencies if required. Here’s an example for React:

    npm install @kinde-oss/kinde-auth-react
  7. Deploy your project. We suggest you deploy to your local environment for testing.

    npm run pages\:deploy

    You’ll get a link to see the changes.

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