Customize email notifications

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Users are automatically set up to receive email notifications when they sign up for the first time, or sign in to your product. You can update these emails to include the logo and styles of your company’s brand.

Note that emails will inherit any global styles you set up, including the logo, unless you override them for your organizations.

Change email sender

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You can add your business or brand name so it appears as the sender of emails.

  1. Go to Go to Design > Global > Email settings.
  2. Enter your business or brand name in the Sender name field.
  3. Select Save.

You can’t change the email address that emails come from yet, but we’re working to allow you to change this.

Change email styles

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Note that if you have set the global brand already, you may not need to change the styles.

  1. Go to Design > Emails & widgets > Emails.
  2. On the right, next to each email element, select the large dot. A color selection panel opens.
  3. Drag the color wheel to the color you like, or use your own HEX colors, for example, #d12b2b.
  4. As you make changes, select Save to view your updates.

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