Design your welcome pages

When users sign up or sign into your product, they land on a page generated by Kinde. You can update the look of these pages to match your brand, including adding a logo, changing colors, and content.

To ensure consistency across pages, when you change the look on one page, the changes are automatically applied to all other pages (except your text changes).

People who customize pages also like to use their own domain instead of Kinde’s.

Select the page you want to customize

  1. In the main menu, select Pages.

  2. Select the page you would like to customize:

    • Sign in - what a user sees each time they sign in to their account
    • Sign up - what a user sees when they first sign up to your business
    • Confirm sign in (if using passwordless authentication) - where a user enters the passwordless email code each time they sign in.
    • Confirm sign up: (if using passwordless authentication) - where a user enters the passwordless email code the first time they sign up.

Make sure images are less than 1MB, are PNG, JPEG, or GIF, and at least 316px.

  1. Select Upload image and choose an image file. The image appears centered on the page.
  2. Select Save.

Change background and button colors

  1. Select Background color and drag the color wheel to the color you like, or enter your brand hex codes in the palette. As you make color changes, click Save to see a preview of your updates.
  2. Make color selections for Button color, Button text color, and Link color.

Change the page text

  1. In the Content section, update the wording for Title text and Button text.
  2. Select Save to preview and apply changes.

To set up your application so that users can sign up and sign in, see the relevant SDK instructions.

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