Google social sign in

You can enable users to sign up and sign in using their Google credentials. To set this up, you need a Google cloud account and project, and a little technical know-how.

Note that Google has provided a topic about Google’s Create authorization credentials, but the steps don’t quite work. Until they update their docs, we recommend you use ours.

Before you begin

  1. Create a Google Cloud account.
  2. Create a Google Project.
  3. Get Google credentials (see below).

Get Google credentials

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud home page.
  2. Click the Select a project dropdown and choose your project to assign authorization credentials.
  3. Go to the Navigation menu and select Credentials.
  4. Click Create Credentials at the top of the page and select OAuth client ID.
  5. In the Web application dropdown menu, choose Web Application.
  6. Name your OAuth 2.0 client and click Create.
  7. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret from the confirmation window.

Add Google credentials to Kinde

  1. Sign in to Kinde.
  2. Go to the Settings page and select Authentication.
  3. Switch on the Google auth option (if not already on).
  4. Select the Configure link.
  5. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the two fields.
  6. Copy the Callback URL below these fields and add it to the Google OAuth2 app.
  7. Save the form. Your users will now be able to sign in using their Google credentials.

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