Add social sign in

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Social sign in is where a site or application allows users to sign up or sign in using credentials from an exiting app service, such as Google or GitHub.

The advantage of social sign in, is that users do not have to create new credentials in order to use an app or service, making it more secure for them.

If they have an avatar they use for the social platform they sign up with, it will flow through.

Set up social sign in

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You need to set up the connection with Kinde for each social provider you want to use.

When an email is not provided

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Some social providers do not require an email. When a user signs up or in with one of these providers, Kinde are unable to harvest an email. Since we need one to verify users, we will ask for an email if not provided.

The user only needs to enter it once and then they can authenticate without disruption. If they provide an email that we already have in the system, we will link the accounts and not duplicate.

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